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We understand that you occasionally see terms or denominations that you do not know what this means.
Here you can find a concise explanation of the terms and names used in the webshop.
If you have a question about a word that you do not understand, please contact customer service.
We will gladly explain what it means and will also add it to this information page so that others can use it.

A spade is a tool that is used for digging and for moving sand, gravel, soil or other loose material, such as grain.
The shovel has essentially two parts: the blade and the stem. A shovel with a cavity, so that soil remains well on, is used for bragging.
You can move well with it.
To project a piece of land or to make the beginning of a pit, a spade or a shovel with a straight blade is better suited.
The handle of these two scoops is also different. For the easy bragging a shorter stem is needed than when digging.

types of spades

  • A bats is a spade with a slightly curved handle that is specifically meant to brag and move things.
  • A spade is  to dig up the ground.
  • A plant spade has a short hollow leaf with short stem, for one hand, to stretch out weeds or to plant (re) plants.

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Flexible bucket

Universally usable for solid materials and liquids and can be used as a bucket, laundry basket, planter, mortar mixing basin, construction waste basket, etc.

●  with 1 hand to carry as a bag.
●  100% polyethylene, therefore extremely flexible but still very strong.
●  can also be used for carrying food.
●  carrying capacity +/- 250kg.


Pack-Bag is a super handy tool that serves to keep a rubbish or debris bag open.

This handy plastic shot of polypropylene is conceived on the shop floor from a well-known problem: how do you keep a garbage bag open that you want to fill if you only have 2 hands?
Pack-Bag very easily puts an end to this wrestling.
In addition, Pack-Bag is very easy when separating plastic.

Compressed air couplings

professional couplings that are suitable for many brands of plug-in nipples
●  German, Italian, Swedish and American insert nipples fit these universal quick couplings
●  The air supply is automatically closed by pulling out the nipple
●  The quick couplings have a mechanical seal
●  The connection is airtight, safe and dust-free