In this manual we explain step by step how you can return the products you ordered to us.



If you have paid the products ordered by you as a guest, we request that you first contact us via our contact form with the order details of the product you wish to return.
We then convert your guest account to a customer account.
In your own account environment you can then request the return and track the status of your return.

The shipping costs for returning your order are at your own expense.


To return your order, log in to your account first.
When you are logged in click on 'HISTORY AND DETAILS OF MY ORDERS'

Order history

After this, look at the correct order number and click on the text 'Details'

Order details

Then tick the product (or products) you want to return and enter the reason in the text box.
Then click on the button: 'Request a return'.

We will be notified and then you can see the status of your application in your account.
You can do this by clicking the 'MERCHANDISE RETURNS' button that you see when you log into your account environment.

Merchandise returns

Here you can see the status of your application. If you see: 'Wait for confirmation' your application will be processed by us.

wacht op bevestiging

If the status is changed to 'Wait for package' (in Dutch: 'Wacht op bevestiging') you will see a possibility to print the return form.
Print it out, complete the form, paste this form on the package and send it to the address indicated on the form.

wacht op pakket

When we receive your package, you can see this in the package status.
You will then see: 'Receive Package' (in Dutch: 'Pakket ontvangen').

pakket ontvangen

We will view/review the products sent by you and possibly create a credit note.

Your package status is last changed to: 'Return completed' (in Dutch: 'Retour voltooid').

retour voltooid

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.